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Our last reunion was
especially the cruise on a ghost ship
but we did it
Cape May, New Jersey is not a reunion or convention town.  It’s
expensive and doesn’t need our business; its hotels are always full.
Yet Lou & Carol Wood and Tom & Flo Woloski did not give in.  With
the backing of the committee, and outstanding cooperation from the
Coast Guard Training Center, these frontline troops made our Second
Reunion an unforgettable experience.  Take a look.
Relaxed by the view of the Atlantic from our balconies, after sleeping to the rumble of the surf we joined our
shipmates on the veranda of our hospitality suite
re-living our days together on the Rockaway ...
and getting updates on everyone and everything since we last saw each other in Orlando.
Cake-cutting honors went to Tony Maresco of the USS Rockaway, and we
later heard an update from Base Commander Captain Curtis Odom on the
present and future Coast Guard—growing in numbers and funds—as a
frontline fighter in Homeland Security.
As honored guests, we'd earlier sampled the new fleet, touring the 210-foot
CGC Vigorous and the latest "roll-over" 44-footers as well as 87-footers with
their drug-intercepting Go-Fast skiffs
learning from the crews that the Coast Guard no longer has Quartermasters,
Radarmen or Sonarmen and Yeomen may be the next to go.
As those who arrived early began filling the VIP-section of the bleachers, guns roared in a 13-gun salute
to an arriving Admiral, and rifles of the drill team flew through the air
Base Commander, Captain Curtis Odom, congratulated the latest graduating class and the old met the
new when the newest members of the Coast Guard stood at attention before us.

         (Photos courtesy of Bob Umphress, Terry English and Jack & Bonnie Serany)
To view a slide show from Jack & Bonnie Serany, click here.
To view a slide show from Richard “Charlie” Brown, click here.
“We had a wonderful time, swapping stories and meeting some wonderful
people.”      —Rose & Larry Clarke (EM2 on board 1958-61)

“Thanks for a great reunion.  It took me a while to recognize some of my
shipmates, especially Lou Piotti and Leo Morgan.
They’d been living in my mind as 20-year-olds for 50 years.”
—John & Joan Zilliox
Why tell your grandkids when you can show them?
Let them cruise on the Rockaway to an Ocean Station and ride to a stormy rescue.

Filmed by our shipmates and premiered at our reunion, copies of this much-
requested sound & color movie are now available—to former crewmen of the
Rockaway and their families only—for a $20 donation to “Rockaway Reunions” (to
support our website, newsletter & future reunions)
plus $4 to cover shipping & handling.

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“When the Rockaway video arrived my daughter’s boyfriend was visiting and
watched it with us.  He was amazed that the Coast Guard did so much.  When I
asked if he’d have believed me if I’d tried to tell him, he said, ‘Probably not.’  
Thanks for such a professional production.  It makes believers.”
—George Pesut
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Our latest photos, from John Zilliox, show the Rockaway in Curtis Bay, Maryland
as she’s changing from the USS Rockaway to the USCGC Rockaway, before her
number switched from 29 to 377.

During a storm on Ocean Station Charlie in 1949, the support of the US Flag broke
and fell to the boat deck of the Rockaway.  John Zilliox was ordered to go out and
retrieve the flag.  On deck he saw the original Commission Pennant had also fallen.  
Returning to the bridge, he was only asked for the US flag, which he handed over.
Fifty-four years later he finally handed over the Commission Pennant of the now-
ghost-ship Rockaway.  It will be at our next reunion.
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