Smith Voyager Rescue & Bio
Jack Cadigan
If you will send me your favorite pictures or stories when you were
aboard, I'd like to put them on this site.
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    A few of the volunteer boat crew with me on the
Smith Voyager Rescue
are on your muster list.
The crew were:
ENS Denny Fairbrother
J.M. Kinner (RM1)
L. Bailey (BM2)
Buddy Mays (BM3)
David Saam (GM3)
Nels O. Kjellin (GM2)
Norris Adkins (SN)
Lance Therrault (SN)
Philip McGovern (SN)
L.J. Lazar (FN)
William Lowe (SA)
You have a GREAT website!

I served as XO from September 1964 to June 66. I was a LT at first and got selected
for LCDR shortly afterwards.

I have (black/white) photos of her doing ASW exercises with (I believe) Casco,
Hiline with Eagle, change of command ceremonies for Captain McGarrity, and tons
of pictures, newspaper, and magazine articles about the rescue of the last survivors
of the Smith Voyager in mid-Atlantic. (That was the occasion for my later award of
the Coast Guard Medal), plus pics of the "troops" in flat hats (Rockaway did the
evaluations of those) marching down 5th Avenue.

I later (as CDR) commanded the DEPENDABLE already committed to that reunion
which is simultaneous with Rockaway's :(

After a 3 year Navy stint training cruisers and destroyers (U.S, Spanish, German) at
GITMO I went (then CAPT) to MELLON as CO.

After that I commanded CG Squadron 2 and a US/NATO Task Group on the three
month northern Europe exercise (involving some 350 U.S., NATO, and allied naval
and merchant ships, including three aircraft carriers) on "Ocean Venture - 80"

I was then "loaned" every summer for a few months until I retired in Oct 85 to
CINCLANFLT to serve as the Task Force Commander for opposition forces

After retiring I taught Physics and Math at U. of Alaska and Alyeska Central school.
In 1998 I "retired" again, and now take about 150 charters every summer (mostly
whale-watching, some fishing) on my boat which is CG inspected or 12 pax.

My wife owns/operates the "House of Russia" in Juneau - the largest store in
Alaska featuring Russky stuff, and we go over to Russia every Fall and Spring on
buying trips (20 years now).

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Jack Cadigan